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29 May 2014

JPO's 2nd 2014 Season, 4th Concert

The 4th and last concert of the 2nd season, was sponsored by Hollard, who also gave away tasty purple macaroons in the lobby - a great branding exercise I think! The concert was conducted once again by Adrian Parabava, who conducted all the pieces of the night from memory - which I don't think I have seen before at the JPO!

The first piece was the overture to Carl Maria von Weber's opera Oberon - which was also the last composition by Weber. The piece starts of slowly, as if drifting through the clouds - but does pick up in pace and excitement as it continues. Definitely a good way to start a concert!

Max Bruch's Violin Concerto No 1 is one of the most popular violin concertos, and it's a piece that is played often on radio. I have attended at least one previous performance, and last night's performance by Russian violinist Ilya Gringolts was quite mesmerising - and certainly more memorable than last year's, closing off with an impressive virtuoso encore.

Sibelius' Symphony No 1 finished off the evening. The piece had an interesting byplay between various woodwind, percussion and string instruments which made it quite an interesting piece to listen to. Compared to the Bruch, I don't think I have heard either of the other pieces from the evening, and they were certainly very interesting pieces and performances!

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