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16 May 2014

JPO's 2nd 2014 Season, 2nd Concert

Pianist Antonio Pompa-Baldi is quite amusing to watch on stage - he is often playing with his eyes closed (lost in the music perhaps), his facial gestures are amusing - especially his eyebrows moving up and down; often with no relation to the actual music, and when he has a break and the orchestra takes over completely, he hangs his hands to his side as if he is completely exhausted. Over and above the amusing show; his performance of Schumann's Piano Concerto was amazing. I have heard it before at the JPO, but this performance was somehow far more engaging and interesting.

On either side of the Schumann concerto, were orchestral pieces by Mendelssohn - Overture to A Midsummer's Night Dream and Symphony No 3. The overture was fun, and interesting; and the symphony had its moments - but it was the concerto that was the highlight of the evening.

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