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19 July 2008

Beautiful Cape Town

On my previous visits to Cape Town this year, it had been raining. For the first time, last Sunday, it was a clear day - and it was a glorious winter day at that! I was in Cape Town for an early morning meeting on Monday, so decided to enjoy Cape Town and see a few friends etc.

My only aim was to go down to Hout Bay before meeting up with a few friends at Kennedy's in Long Street. On the way to Hout Bay, I decided to stop at Constantia Nek and take a short hike. I have really become unfit - even this short hike was a struggle - but the view of the snow capped mountains was well worth it.

Grilled Snoek and Chips at the Hout Bay harbour - more or less they only thing I eat here, but damn tasty, and damn good. Prices have shot up though - no more 20 bucks for fish and chips.

And there seems to be a new sport in town - paddling on a surf board ...

Oh, and it seems that car guards are venturing into other business these days. One of them offered me some weed (good stuff from Swaziland apparently) and another offered me cocaine too. No wonder Cape Town has a reputation ...

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