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16 April 2017

Walking up to the Peak

The queue at the bottom for the funicular said 90 minutes; and that was not even accounting for the ticket office. So I managed to convince M that we should rather walk. There walk was described in a tripadvisor post as "easy" - the pathways are certainly well marked (mostly as Central Park Trail) and paved; but the incline is not easy. It's about 3.5km walk up a steep incline; the views are spectacular, the path is mostly shaded by the forest, and it was full of birdsong and flowers (could be a time of year thing). It's good exercise - and we did make it up in about 90 mins; so it beat the standing in a queue. The paths are not well lit, so we took the funicular back - and that's only because there was surge pricing on Uber - when we looked earlier; Uber was cheaper than taking a one way trip on the funicular.

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