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27 March 2017

Movie: Moonlight

There has been a lot written about Moonlight already - especially after the Oscars best picture presentation debacle - a low budget movie, featuring African-American cast, on a story of three parts of a young man - first as a boy, then a teenager and then a young man - charting his life through bullying, sexuality, poverty and drugs. There are incredible characters - be it Mahershala Ali's brilliant portrayal of the caring drug dealer; the protagonist Chiron, or even the bullies - it's a story that really sucks you in. The cinematography is stunning - especially the camera work in the opening scenes, where there is very little dialogue. 

Underlying this tale is also a tale of love - partially unrequited, and sexuality; themes that the other contender for best picture this year also had - but there is no real competition in who did it better. Moonlight is gritty, it is mostly sad, but it is engrossing and heartwarming none the less. It deserves all its honours.

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