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08 May 2016

The Orient Hotel

Building a boutique hotel outside Attridgeville would not make much sense in most times - but the Orient Hotel is more of a destination on its own; not just a hotel. Set inside a private reserve, the hotel provides a peaceful gateway, a short distance from Johannesburg. The hotel is offcourse best known for its restaurant Mosaic, but while you are there, visiting the Tienie Pritchard Museum is definitely worth while, and you can take walks in the reserve also.

The hotel is set in an oriental theme, but not in a tacky fashion (ala Monte Casino). Underlying the theme, it is clear that it is the 21st century. Each room is decorated to a theme of a current or fabled oriental region. I had initially booked "Nineveh", but was upgraded to "Samarkand". It's 5 star luxury complete with absolutely fabulous service.

Room rates include a great breakfast in the morning. It starts off with freshly baked pastry and a fruit smoothie.

This is followed by a course of four small dishes - fruits, oats, smoked salmon and a berry panna cotta. 

The main course was French toast with ham and basil pesto for me, and a mushroom egg bennedict for M.

Yes, it's an expensive getaway but Mosaic is definitely worth staying over for.

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