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29 May 2016

Movie: Macbeth

Last year's film production of Macbeth, has been on the South African circuit for a while - but M and I kept postponing for various reasons. I have seen a fair number of productions - on stage, filmed versions of stage productions and movies - and in my opinion; this is one of the best, if not the best, version of Shakespeare's classic. 

In terms of movie versions - the production and set design; coupled with the amazingly haunting soundtrack has not been matched. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard give a terrific performance; as do the rest of the cast; but there are subtle changes in the screenplay (no deviations in the storyline or dialogue beyond some shortening) that really brings it to life. The brutal opening battle scene (where the witches seem to be keeping watch), the addition of the fourth (non speaking) young witch, the scene of Banqo's demise and Fleance's getaway - and even the ending with Fleance and Macbeth's sword - they all bring a new dimension to a very well known play.

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