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01 January 2016

Run Racist Run

Eusebius McKaiser has certainly become a prominent commentator on race and race relations in South Africa. Run Racist Run is a more raw, focused follow up to the earlier "Bantu in the Bathroom" collection; exploring racism, race relations and impact thereof in various dimensions. 

The essays are more nuanced, more direct and covers forms of racism that are not easily identified. Although it is written very much from a South African perspective of a coloured man growing up in a township during Apartheid; many of the perspectives and insights can easily translate to other countries - be it similar environments such as the US; or diverse environments that do not exhibit outright racism but still has hints of tribalism (or classism, casteism? etc).

As to be expected the arguments are well thought out and well reasoned; the examples pack a punch; and ultimately each of the essays leave something to think about. It's a collection of essays that everyone should be reading, and discussing. As with the Justice course on edX, this is something everyone should reading and discussing - and maybe even being taught in schools and corporate diversity programs.

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