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03 January 2015

Ryan's Kitchen

Located just outside Franschoek's Main Street, Ryan's Kitchen is listed as a restaurant specialising in contemporary South African cuisine. 

For lunch, they offer "small plates" instead of mains and starters - somewhat like slightly larger tapas portions. The advantage of this approach is off course the opportunity to try a lot more variety.

We had two vegetarian plates, two seafood plates, two meat plates and two deserts. The seafood, one angelfish, one trout were amazing - both takes on curries; but not in an Indian style. The tapioca mushroom plate was equally impressive. In comparison, the other plates had some impressive components but I was not overly impressed with the full combination. For example, the warthog was amazingly tender but the plate itself wasn't as impressive. Likewise, the Impala had amazing beetroot accompaniments but the Impala itself was fairly ordinary.

The deserts were amazing - the soufflé was soft and very fluffy; and the chocolate mouse desert was equally impressive.

Overall, I enjoyed Ryan's Kitchen more than Reuben's (on this trip); and the small playes makes a lot of sense for fine dining restaurants.

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