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05 October 2013


For a number of years, I have heard about the meat-lover's paradise called Carnivore. While discussing the rodizio concept with a Argentine-Brazzilian business-partner, I proposed that we go check out Carnivore.

Te restaurant is very much a rodizio, with the major difference being the variety of game meats, and the lack of a salad bar (some small amount of salad is brought to the table, but none of us had any). The decor in the restaurant is definitely geared for the tourists with iron statues of great African chiefs (Shaka, Moshoeshoe etc); some elaborate wood carvings an other curios. The service was very friendly, although quite slow.

The food (or rather the meat) was good; though some of the game was a bit tough. For meat lovers, it is certainly good value for money; and the variety of the type of meat is impressive. Unfortunately, unlike Brazilian rodizios, there wasn't too much variety in te type of preparation. It was a good evening, an certainly a great place to take meat loving tourists.

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