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11 August 2013

Movie: Of Good Report

Already famous for being banned, and then unbanned; the local movie definitely has an uncomfortable storyline. Parker Sithole, a quiet (save for laughing, grunting and screaming - he doesn't speak a word), but apparently quite bright and well qualified English teacher, inadvertently starts an affair with a young schoolgirl. Initially, the story has a generous portrayal of his good side - be it his shock when he finds the truth about his sexual partner's age, or his caring of his sickly grandmother. But as the story continues, it becomes increasingly darker and more sinister - concluding in some very violent murders.

The performances are amazing - from every key member of the cast. Mothusi Magano's performance as the silent protagonist is particularly impressive; and is well supported by the rest of the cast members. Stylistically, a modern movie filmed entirely in black in white provides an interesting set of contrasts; especially when the blood starts flowing. The bleakness, in some respects, is also a commentary on the subject matter - the pervasiveness of sexual predators and violence in SA; the education system; the family constructs headed up by grandmothers; the lack of decent living conditions and the criminal justice system.

It's a modern South African movie, warts and everything - a drama that does not have throwback to apartheid or racial politics. It is a clever story; where the lead character manages to communicate a lot, without saying anything; and certainly worthy of the attention it has received. And it is not a pornographic movie condoning or promoting child pornography that should have been banned.

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