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17 May 2008

Movie: City of Men (Cidade dos Homens)

City of God (Cidade de Deus) was an amazing movie, and any follow up would have a lot to live up to. City of Men, does not really live up to those lofty heights (although it is not really a sequel) - but then, the movie is very different. City of Men is slower paced, and concentrates more on the struggles of two young men (who turn 18 over the course of the movie) and their struggle to make something, out of nothing.

Still set in the favelas (shanty towns) of Rio de Janeiro (although parts of it seems to be filmed in Santa Teresa, where as far as I know, there are no favelas); it is a story about the friendship of two young men, who are caught up in a gang war. There is also a touch of Romeo and Juliet (one of the guys, who happens to be the cousin of one of the gang leaders, is in love with the sister of the opposing gang leader), a commentary on the difficulty of leaving the known environment, regardless of the dangers.

Rio naturally lends itself for beautiful cinematography, and while the movie is good, it is not in the same league as City of God.

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