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15 February 2006

Movie: Paradise Now

This is a very interesting movie - because even though the fundamental theme of the movie is about the politics in the Middle East, it is a movie that does not try to push any particular political message. At its core, it's a movie about suicide bombers, on why ordinary palestinians are willing to sacrifice themselves, without any aparent rewards, including the famed 72 virgins in heaven.

The movie is also interesting because, it pushes the idea, that there are Israelli jews, who accept money to transport the suicide bombers around Israel knowing very well that these guys will blow up their country men. This in itself adds to the complexity of the all ready volatile middle east politics. With the rise of Hamas in Palestine, this movie is even more relevant to today's world. If nothing else, the movie can serve as a balance to tell the other side of the story with regards to suicide bombers, which are (almost) always reported as terrorist attacks.

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