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09 November 2005

CCS Day 1: Main Conference Day 1

So the conference begins officially ... and it seems a lot smaller than last year. However that could just be because of the much larger venues than last year. However, I am still convinced that this year's program is shorter ... I should try to count the sessions etc when I get back.

The keynote speaker was high profile - a previous NSA administrator and currently working at the US' department of homeland security. However, with the exception of a few interesting facts (like a really funky testbed) the talk was really boring. Unfortunately, many of the talks later in the day were just as boring.

The first few talks were very theoretical in nature, but were generally interesting. These talks included proofs for secure 802.11i designs and trust protocols. However, the two most interesting talks of the day (in my opinion) were the last talks - the first looking at an approach to track VOIP calls; even if the packets are encrypted and routed through anonymiser proxies. It was a really cool approach and really funky results. The second talk was somewhat DRM related - it showed a very limited scope implementation of secure database record retrievals - i.e. distribute a database table globally but only allow access to records if the query is detailed enough. It was also a very funky approach and really cool even if it is very limited in its application.

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